no chip on his shoulder

Stort grattis till min far som har namnsdag i dag.  Han heter Axel i mellannamn och det brukar alltid firas med mms på en axel. Tyvärr så har kameran på min mobil pajat så istället får han ett blogginlägg dedikerat till sig.

Så. Grattis Axel!!

This entry makes no sense at all if you don’t speak Swedish. But in short, it’s my dad’s Name Day today (here, I wikipediaed it for you) cause his middle name is Axel. “Axel” means “shoulder” in Swedish so usually I send a MMS of my shoulder to him. Or he sends one of his to me in case I’ve forgotten. But the camera on my cell is dead, so this year I dedicate this blog entry to him instead.

Yeah… so…

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